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Frequently Asked Question!

The tripod is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and each of our products has passed the quality inspection. Guarantee good quality to you.

Depending on the machine and equipment, the camera tripod has a different load-bearing capacity. Generally speaking, the thicker or more the leg tube of the tripod, the greater the load-bearing capacity. In order to increase the stability of the camera, the multi-leg tube design is generally used, while the camera tripod is generally a single-leg tube design. This has a lot to do with the load-bearing size.

In order to increase the stability and load-bearing of the camera tripod, in addition to increasing its own weight, it is also equipped with accessories such as a center extender, a floor extender, and rubber feet. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of side pull due to excessive weight bearing.

There are many materials for camera tripods, such as wood, steel, carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, and synthetic materials. The most common materials for camera tripods are aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. There are more camera tripods.